Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Well, well, well

Hasn't it been such a long time! I'm afraid life got in the way of my blogging, not that anything I posted was ever particularly interesting anyway!

So, let's catch up.

My last post of substance was something to do with exams but I am pleased to announce: I finished college - finally! My fourth attempt in total, second successful attempt - with the first being when I acquired my hairdressing qualification, this time I got my A-Levels. And, not to blow my own horn or anything, but I did pretty damn well. Considering my sisters have always been the "intelligent ones", whilst I was merely "easy-going", not a bad trait, it just always made me seem a bit, I don't know, too much of a daydreamer. It was like my family didn't really think I had much going on, which was fine, at the time I didn't (such a serial drop-out, but I had my own reasons). My goodness, it felt good to prove them wrong, especially my nan, who I love regardless, but she never thought I'd pass my exams, she certainly didn't think I'd get into my first choice university. That being said, neither did my teacher! My English literature AND history teacher was one and the same person, who also happened to be my neighbour, there was no getting away from him! But I remember so vividly in lesson one day him asking whether I thought I'd realistically get the grades to get into the University of Manchester, and I told him I would. I was adamant. Just goes to show really, determination really does get you where you want to be, and oh boy, was I determined. However, I hate to say, since getting the ABB grades I needed to get into UoM, that determination has slipped somewhat, and I'm nowhere near as hardworking as I ought to be! That was first year - which I finished, no dropping out this time! Not with the amount of debt I'll be left in! It's certainly an incentive! In less than a month I move into my 2nd year accommodation.

Ahhhh, the accommodation. Jeez, where to start!? Let's start with the fact that I am living in a house with 6 other people, FOUR of them being boys. Smelly boys. What have I let myself in for?! But there are 2 girls, both of whom are absolutely lovely, and the house is nice too. It's modern and clean looking, with an American fridge freezer - you know the sort, with 2 doors and an ice machine on the freezer side? Yep, that was a huge selling point! I'm so excited to move in, despite the amount of washing up there will be, and so much FIFA... (just the thought is making my cry on the inside). But to have my own space again will be cool.

Another great thing about getting back to Manchester is that one of my best friends just moved there! She got a job at the university too, to we can do lunch and all other girly things! It'll be extra nice because in her arrival, she brings a little of home with her, it's like having my home-town, without having to be there.

What else... well, I think that's enough 'me me me' for tonight, I don't want to divulge all my secrets at once now do I?

Oh! I am OBSESSED with Pinterest! Anyone on it, let me know so I can follow your boards, such a good place to store all my future home ideas/clothes I want/pictures that I like/recipes/general inspiration, it's like a grown up tumblr for those who don't have it. It's great!