Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wishlist Wednesday!

As of this week I want to post a wishlist on wednesdays. I don't have work in the evening so ought to be able to find time to compile my list and subsequently the pictures to go with that list!

As is it shortly to be the season to be jolly I have bought my outfit for my first Christmas party - which, as I am on a budget will possibly be the same outfit for another night too! A navy blue dress from New Look, which I am pairing with black tights, chunky wedges and I haven't decided on gold or silver accesories yet!

Any opinions on the gold vs. silver battle would be appreciated! I like that it has sleeves, as I am often a terror for hiding away a perfectly lovely dress with a cardigan, and whilst, I am a lover of cardigans, they can often dull down an outfit.

On a warmer note, I would LOVE a Gloverall duffle coat. I think these coats are the epitome of British winters! They are warm and cosy and look like something you would expect to see a certain teddy bear wearing, whilst holding a marmalade sandwich! So cute!

Aside from wishing today is a SNOW DAY!!!!!! So I am curled up on the sofa with a blanket, in my oversized hoody, hair in a top knot, slobbing around but at least I'm warm!

Now, in all fairness, the sun has come out and melted some of the snow, and I am technically at home because there is no power at school, since the new heater has blown the electricity. But still, there is snow, so technically it's a snow day!

This is the view was my living room window, with my cheeky car!

There was more... It's not that impressive at all really, is it? I feel like I've let you down. Sorry to disappoint!