Thursday, 21 October 2010


I went to Manchester last night (Wednesday) to see Yeasayer. They. Were. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, so cool, I'll admit I had only heard a couple of songs but thought I'd go see there gig just as something to do. Then, me, having a mind like a sieve, forgot I bought the tickets until yesterday though!

So text Ali to see if she fancied coming, as they aren't really Kieran's kind of band, to which she replied yes! So we put on our spontaneity boots and went to Manchester!

Some (rather poor quality) photos taken on my phone:

as you can probably tell from the angle we were at the front but off to the side. But still, it was good! There was some guy getting really into it, stamping his feet to the beat and the band were just great, playing multiple instruments, really talented group. I've been obsessing all day just listening to the "odd blood" album!

Check them out! go to


Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I currently have coco (my kitten) fast asleep on my arm, hence blogging is a bit difficult at this present moment in time but luckily my laptop is in a good position for typing.
I have been bigging myself up rather a lot lately what with writing my personal statement for university and all, its so hard! Hours are spent over every agonizing line, whether it's write, whether it sounds too much or too cocky or too boring or too much like its already been heard! Eurgh!!!!!!!!!!!
So anyway, all that stressing has left me little time for writing here so I am finding a few minutes to try to make up for it!

This winter I am definitely feeling a lumberjack/winter lady/log cabin look. I have a parka but it's really thin and so not particularly warm, I saw one in Wrap catalogue the other day that looked lovely, fleece lined, it was quite expensive so I'm not sure whether it will be feasible but its definitly on the wishlist!
Picture taken from wrap website

I desperately want some chelsea boots too and am on the hunt for the perfect pair, I've seen a pair from New Look that are nice but I don't know if I want a more smooth leather design, I'd need to try them on too, I have a bit of a thing about how shoes look on my feet!

Then I'm thinking cream/burgundy/navy cable knit sweaters, teamed with my recently purchased dark green skinny jeans! (Can't find a picture on the Topshop website to show you) Or same jumpers with a black denim skirt and black opaque tights, or perhaps some camel shorts with tights and cable sweaters!! Or go traditional with a plethora of layers, chunky cardigans, polo necks, you get the idea!

Need to shop...

What are your winter warmers? REMINDS ME! I need new slippers. And shoes. Mine are all falling apart lately.


Friday, 8 October 2010

Check this out!

How nuts is THIS:

The above picture is from when I was about 17 - 18! My best friend and I were really into heavy metal - a phase for me that has since past, I'm much more mellow now, I was a bit of an angry youth. Plus the clothing was really cool, and to be honest, so was the whole scene, everyone kind of knew each other - through myspace, everyone would always end up at the same gigs, watch some bands etc. Now I feel old.
Share some of your blasts from the pasts!


Monday, 4 October 2010


After much persuasion, and I MEAN a lot, I begged and pleaded for months for a kitten, I even tried subliminal messages and whispering "kitten" to my mum in her sleep, I won!

My friends cat had kittens and after another friend had one of them it was decided that I MUST HAVE ONE! And so, after compromising my mum agreed to let me have one!

So on Friday, I went to get my new little baby, andddddd.......

This is her grand reveal!


She is the sweetest thing I have ever seen! 6 weeks and fits in my hand *gushes*

Do you have any pets?