Monday, 27 September 2010

Sick Day

Had a horrendous nights sleep last night - in that no sleep was had! I was so tired too from work this weekend. So frustrating isn't it? When you so desperately want to just curl up and sleep like a log? This then prompted a severe migraine this morning which has died down now to just a plain headache, throbbing whenever I move. Such fun. However, the only bonus is the excessive television watching. I've already watched Disney's Hercules, and am currently watching Funny Face, I've seen some of it before but never from the beginning, it makes me long to go back to Paris and dress all ladylike in Givenchy gowns. I want to get married where they try to take the photo of the wedding dress. I have no idea its exact location but it's beautiful.

(image from Google)

I also want the hazy lens on all my photos. I want every dress I've seen so far!

Wishlist time! Saw this bag in store the other day at Topshop.

I love it!

S'Wonderful... S'Marvellous!!!


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