Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I definately need to go to Sweden. My sister is pretty cool. She's in Spain at the minute living the dream but her post is still being delievered here for the time being, she got delievered a magazine recently for Monki clothing, I think its a Swedish brand but flipping through it's graphic designer lust worthy paper over my bowl of nesquik (yes, I opened her post - sorry Alex!) I fell in love. Literally! LOVE! And the issue itself is called "the first love issue". I want the entire contents of the shop, especially these:

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL! I also love the names of all the items, these are called Maritza. I love bows and velvet and the chunky heels would enable me to walk!
Note: photo taken from Monki

Therefore I need to go to Sweden!
On an easier access note I love this hat from Topshop and am about to buy it for winter!

Bargain at £14 too!

Looking forward to winter fashion!


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Gordita said...

Weird! I didn't know Monki sent me catalogues! Those shoes are DIVINE!!!
(lol, looking at magazines over Nesquiks! As for opening my post... well I'm not likely to open them myself any soon am I!)