Monday, 27 September 2010

Sick Day

Had a horrendous nights sleep last night - in that no sleep was had! I was so tired too from work this weekend. So frustrating isn't it? When you so desperately want to just curl up and sleep like a log? This then prompted a severe migraine this morning which has died down now to just a plain headache, throbbing whenever I move. Such fun. However, the only bonus is the excessive television watching. I've already watched Disney's Hercules, and am currently watching Funny Face, I've seen some of it before but never from the beginning, it makes me long to go back to Paris and dress all ladylike in Givenchy gowns. I want to get married where they try to take the photo of the wedding dress. I have no idea its exact location but it's beautiful.

(image from Google)

I also want the hazy lens on all my photos. I want every dress I've seen so far!

Wishlist time! Saw this bag in store the other day at Topshop.

I love it!

S'Wonderful... S'Marvellous!!!


Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I definately need to go to Sweden. My sister is pretty cool. She's in Spain at the minute living the dream but her post is still being delievered here for the time being, she got delievered a magazine recently for Monki clothing, I think its a Swedish brand but flipping through it's graphic designer lust worthy paper over my bowl of nesquik (yes, I opened her post - sorry Alex!) I fell in love. Literally! LOVE! And the issue itself is called "the first love issue". I want the entire contents of the shop, especially these:

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL! I also love the names of all the items, these are called Maritza. I love bows and velvet and the chunky heels would enable me to walk!
Note: photo taken from Monki

Therefore I need to go to Sweden!
On an easier access note I love this hat from Topshop and am about to buy it for winter!

Bargain at £14 too!

Looking forward to winter fashion!


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Something wicked this way comes...

And by wicked, I mean AMAZING!!

But first:

I have seriously been so busy lately, started back at college on Tuesday, then there was all the holiday reading I neeeeeeded to finish - still not done entirely but getting there. As you may know my charger broke so my lovely boyfriend had to ebay me a new one (thank you!!) which means I only just have my laptop back, but have been prioritising applying to university over blogging. Anyway, I'm back - not as regularly as I would like to be but I am back!

To kick start this blog and with my apologies and excuses out of the way, and winter heading this way, (that was what I meant by amazing) I am in love with coats! All of them! Apart from capes, as they do absolutely nothing for my shape except make me look as though you could roll me down a hill...

These two are on my current must have list:

I simply adore the one on the left, Topshop have outdone themselves on this one in my opinion, it is perfect! So cute, it reminds me of the coats I had when I was little. The velvet blue trim makes it a bit more grown up but its shape looks flattering, I love the hood - I'm all about hoods in England, the chance of precipitation in any form is far too great a risk to take, and at just £75 not bad! However, one coat I would risk no hood for is the fur collar bomber on the right, this Miss Selfridge number is stylish and whilst I love love loveeee the aviator style that is coming in this a/w I feel as though the fur might be a nice slight twist on the conventional shearling design that will be more common. Plus, I have already featured this coat in a previous wishlist, thought it needed some more love.

Anyway, I am so tired I must sleep! I promise to write again soon.


P.S I am currently on the hunt for the perfect winter hat. Anyone with any good ideas on where to find "the one" let me know!