Tuesday, 17 August 2010

So sweet!

I just had to have them!

These earrings are from Adrianne Vintage Jewellery, there is a lot of really sweet items on there and delievery is pretty cheap (to UK anyway - not certain about other destinations)

At only £6, a bargain I'd say!

Haven't had a particularly productive day, read some more of Wuthering Heights, which is getting really good now, also worked this evening (I'm a barmaid), which was fine, fairly dull to start them BAM everyone came in at once, but it died off as the night wore on and in the end we actually finished early! But the bonus, I now am off work for a week! I usually only work one evening and weekends, but this weekend I am going to V Festival! Which is going to be so much fun! I love festivals, I love camping, with friends, music, warm clothing in the evenings, and of course a little tipple, where can a person go wrong!? The line up is pretty darn good too!

Got a few bits and bobs to buy for it tomorrow - kirby grips etc, then make sure all my clothes that I want to take are washed and dry, then pack, as I won't have much time to do that on Thursday as it is my results day! (Along with many other poor souls who did AS/A2 level exams earlier this year - I feel your pain)


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