Tuesday, 17 August 2010

In the future

When I have a house of my own I want two dogs, I have two dogs here at this home where I live with my mum, but they are big and whilst yes, they are lovely, they are also too big for my future home, as I imagine I won't exactly be blessed with a large house until I am much older. I would absolutely love, LOVE, a maltese puppy, I have wanted one forever, since visiting my nan and grandad on their annual trip to Florida, the owners of the hotel in which they stayed had two and they were absolutely lovely. They used to sit and I'd play with them, they were loyal, gentle and best of all, didn't shed!

However, recently I have spotted the dog whose affections rival that of the maltese, therefore I cannot choose between the two, so shall have to have both. "What is the other bred?" I hear you cry? A pomeranian!

I found these pictures on Shutterstock to illustrate the immense cuteness of these two doggies!

Cue girly squeal? EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Positively delightful.

I am up too late. As usual I suppose - I think last night's insomnia really messed my body clock up.
What pet would you have, if you could have any in the world? I'd also love a Newfoundland or a St. Bernard as they are absolutely huge, reportedly the most loyal and friendly dogs and they just look like, if you'd had a bad day at work, or something was stressing you out, you could give these lovable pups a cuddle and everything would be forgotten. The only problem? Major droolage. MAJOR. That and the excessive amounts of hair that would be shed everywhere.

Right, I am off to dream about living in a lovely house with adorable puppies! Goodnight.

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