Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Excuse my absence!

I am having some technical difficulties! My charger broke and my laptop is dead, therefore I am blogging from my IPod touch. A beautiful thing if not slightly awkward. Anyway I will be back blogging properly as soon as my new charger arrives.


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

In the future

When I have a house of my own I want two dogs, I have two dogs here at this home where I live with my mum, but they are big and whilst yes, they are lovely, they are also too big for my future home, as I imagine I won't exactly be blessed with a large house until I am much older. I would absolutely love, LOVE, a maltese puppy, I have wanted one forever, since visiting my nan and grandad on their annual trip to Florida, the owners of the hotel in which they stayed had two and they were absolutely lovely. They used to sit and I'd play with them, they were loyal, gentle and best of all, didn't shed!

However, recently I have spotted the dog whose affections rival that of the maltese, therefore I cannot choose between the two, so shall have to have both. "What is the other bred?" I hear you cry? A pomeranian!

I found these pictures on Shutterstock to illustrate the immense cuteness of these two doggies!

Cue girly squeal? EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Positively delightful.

I am up too late. As usual I suppose - I think last night's insomnia really messed my body clock up.
What pet would you have, if you could have any in the world? I'd also love a Newfoundland or a St. Bernard as they are absolutely huge, reportedly the most loyal and friendly dogs and they just look like, if you'd had a bad day at work, or something was stressing you out, you could give these lovable pups a cuddle and everything would be forgotten. The only problem? Major droolage. MAJOR. That and the excessive amounts of hair that would be shed everywhere.

Right, I am off to dream about living in a lovely house with adorable puppies! Goodnight.

So sweet!

I just had to have them!

These earrings are from Adrianne Vintage Jewellery, there is a lot of really sweet items on there and delievery is pretty cheap (to UK anyway - not certain about other destinations)

At only £6, a bargain I'd say!

Haven't had a particularly productive day, read some more of Wuthering Heights, which is getting really good now, also worked this evening (I'm a barmaid), which was fine, fairly dull to start them BAM everyone came in at once, but it died off as the night wore on and in the end we actually finished early! But the bonus, I now am off work for a week! I usually only work one evening and weekends, but this weekend I am going to V Festival! Which is going to be so much fun! I love festivals, I love camping, with friends, music, warm clothing in the evenings, and of course a little tipple, where can a person go wrong!? The line up is pretty darn good too!

Got a few bits and bobs to buy for it tomorrow - kirby grips etc, then make sure all my clothes that I want to take are washed and dry, then pack, as I won't have much time to do that on Thursday as it is my results day! (Along with many other poor souls who did AS/A2 level exams earlier this year - I feel your pain)


Monday, 16 August 2010


I am so sleepy! Yet I cannot.
So, I shall post my current wishlist, I still want a few things off the previous, however I am ecstatic to say I am now the proud owner of the fur coat from River Island, even though I do have to take it back as I have decided I want it in the next size down, but I still own it! And cannot wait to wear it.

This is my new wishlist, all items are from Miss Selfridge however the aviator jacket, which is my most lusted after piece, I LOVE the wide collar, is not currently avaliable, it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!

As previously mentioned, I am now the owner of the fur coat from my previous wishlist, which means, I went shopping! Happy times.... *daydreams*
Anyway. I also bought two lipsticks, I didn't get MAC Chili lipstick, as I spotted Diva, which I just fell in love with! The other lipstick is from Topshop's newish make up collection, in Desert, which is a nude colour, however seems to have disappeared from the website!?
But possibly a future staple in my autumn wardrobe is a dress from Flashback Boutique, it also isn't on their website but it's lovely! Tan with a floral print, I plan to wear with knitted tights and my brown heeled brogues and of course; the fur coat! Flashback Boutique was really sweet though, if you end up in Liverpool, check it out! The lady who worked there was absolutely lovely when I went in, I tried on another dress that I didn't end up buying - the cut was a bit low around the clevage and if I'm honest, I couldn't really afford it, but she found another dress for me in a similar style that didn't have such a low neckline. Thank you nice sales assistant!

Right, off to try to sleep again. xx

If you could have invented one thing, what would it have been?

I would have like to have invented the telephone! But I would have loved to discover electricity more.

Ask me anything

I long for this car!

Photo credited orange.co.uk

I saw so many of these when Kieran and I were in Paris, and whilst I loved them then, my obsession has since grown infinitely! I'm becoming obsessed, they are so dinky and cute. Now, don't get me wrong, the new ones are gorgeous too, but I have a bit of a penchant for old cars anyway, my dream car is a Triumph Herald, in cream with red leather interior and a hard top roof that I can take off when the weather is hot, wrap my hair into a scarf and drive along the country roads to the coast! Ooh laa laa! Daydream-land. What's your dream car?

Currently reading Wuthering Heights and I like it! Last year we did Pride and Prejudice which I didn't enjoy at all, Mr. Collins was far too pompous and Wickham too wretched, however, although Heathcliff is a horrendous man there is a darkness (duh, it's a Gothic novel) that I love. Anyone else read it? Like it?

Anyway, going to go make myself a wrap before continuing my reading. Yum yum!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


GLORIOUS BOOKS! Paperback, bounded and lengthy! Books, Glorious Books, my order arrived I have plenty! (Obviously to sang to the tune of Food, Glorious Food)

Haha! It's perhaps slightly ridiculous how excited I get when I receive a parcel! But my amazon order arrived with my books for school and some for my extended reading. However, slightly manic as now I have 7 books to read by 7th September with it being the 10th August today that means I need to read each book in no more than 4 days to have completed them, which actually, now that I've worked that out doesn't seem too bad. The books aren't tremendously long either, however some are difficult.

Book List:
Wuthering Heights
(Those are all my compulsory books, we're doing the gothic genre! Below are my wider reading books)
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn (counted as one as they are in the same book!)

So yes, those are my books! However! I could do with reading a few more books, but I need a theme. I want to read To Kill A Mockingbird again too, love that story! Possibly my favourite book ever, followed by Catcher in the Rye.

Told you I'd speak soon!! Just sooner than I thought!


I'm so lack lustre today. Watched 10 Things I Hate About You before, such a great film. And A Star Is Born, with Judy Garland, because I wanted to see this one song, but I must have missed it! Disappointment, it was a very sad film anyway.
So, just had a shower, and am going to hop on my bicycle in a short while and pop to the shop to get some little snacks as I am going to see, with Kieran, RICKY GERVAIS! Oh yes! I am prepared to laugh. I need to! I had a rather stressful day yesterday. A family member who I hadn't seen since I was very young came to visit my sister and me, and well, it wasn't particularly great, I don't know what I expected really but it was just like meeting a stranger who to me, still feels like a stranger. Oh well!
But anyway, back to the happy stuff! Ricky Gervais! Tonight, playing in Birmingham, it's his science show. I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully the roads will be fairly quiet too as part of the road near my house is closed tonight.
Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Bring on winter!

We have had a particularly horrific summer here, the weather has NOT been the Indian Summer we were promised, so I have officially given up on floaty dresses and shorts with cute sandals, and have moved on, to Glorious Winter!

And so, THIS is my Winter Wishlist! I am so excited to invest!

Faux fur coat: River Island
Bow Bag: Topshop
Red Shorts, Red Shoes, Bird Print playsuit and umbrella: Miss Selfridge
MAC lipstick in Chilli
Black skinny jeans: ASOS

I am going to get a few of these purchases hopefully on Thursday on my shopping trip with Kate.