Friday, 30 July 2010


I really really want to paint my room! I only have a couple of problems; what colour? But, more importantly, can I afford it?
I am completely torn between a regency style green, or a country style yellow?
A bit of background; all my bedroom furniture is cream/ivory. I have a metal frame bed with bed knobs - also cream, I have a multitude of pictures that need to be put up but I'm waiting until I've painted. Lots of books and shelves, I just don't know what colour to paint!!!! Oooh or lilac!
I like these ideas (images found on google) <<
Can you see why I'm so torn!? They are all beautiful! Each would fit perfectly for different moods, the green for when I feel intellectual and want to read a book and escape to another world, the yellow would be lovely fo when I feel warm and perfectly English with tea and crumpets in bed with my love. But then the lilac is just pretty and calming, and also neutral - I still live at home with my mum, sisters and step father, so when I move out it would be easier for me to at least leave a room which would be easy to paint over, but as I have one more year at college then a further three at university in which I will still live at home in the holidays or when I want to come back. Oh the decision is just too hard!

My older sister is making scones tomorrow! I'm quite excited! Although I can't help, as I'll be working. Slightly annoying but I need the money! Especially as my tickets for V Festival have arrived! WOOHOO! It's going to be great! Provided the weather gets better. Going shopping next week for some new festival clothes!

What do you think about the painting?


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Gordita said...

Yellow! Sunny and sweet!