Wednesday, 7 July 2010

One day!

Only one day to go until I finish school for the summer! Only 4 sleeps until PARIS! I am SO excited! The Moulin Rouge and croissants and Montmartre and it'll be wonderful! So romantic too! I really cannot wait, I've already decided I want to look classy and sophisticated, just need to go through my clothes and see if anything fits the criteria! Our hotel is so sweet too, the Hotel D'Argenson, it's right next to a "boulangerie"! Fresh pastries and that lovely smell of fresh bread, I wish it was now! Although I have so much to do.

I got a bike on Monday, it's so sweet and what's better is, it was free! It belonged to Kieran's mum, I have yet to take a photo but that shall follow once the rain dies down a little. I washed it yesterday. Now, it needs new tyres, but that's fine, I've already done my research and found some adorable ones, with white walls for £20-ish, which is fine, my neighbour is a bicycle enthusiast and I have already asked if he will help me in fixing it up, to which he agreed. I'd love to paint it, or have it painted (I'm not sure I'd be the best person to give a can of spray paint to) but that can wait until I have sufficient funds. It's an "Apollo County" and very retro looking, and I love it!

What else is new. Oh yes! Last day of the school year tomorrow! The day itself will be extremely dull as it's "Speech Day" and apparently, the new headmaster's speech is very long. But I will go, I suppose... No, I really will! I have to, not only is it compulsory but I want to sit for about 10 hours or however long it lasts as it's the last day ever for the girls going to uni and I want to say my goodbyes. I've written in leaving books, but those things don't give hugs!

On the subject of uni, it's beginning to terrify me! Where do I go!? Will I get in? What if I fail? What if I get rejected from everywhere? What if I can't do it? So stressful. I've settled on the course that I want to do, but I have to decide where I want to go to do it. Hopefully I'll get in, and be able to afford the time overseas during the course, otherwise I'd have to stay in England, and I really really would love the life experience!

I think this is my first post in which I've written a lot, however I am tired and the screen is making my eyes a bit funny.


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