Thursday, 10 June 2010

What A Day!!

Oh me oh my! What a day! It's been both good and bad. Good - it's my BIRTHDAY! and LAST DAY OF EXAMS!!!!! (hence the absentness - revision central = me!) Well, at least until next year.

Bad - exams. ON. MY. BIRTHDAY! TWO!!! two I tell you! How is that fair!? And not even nice exams, well, if that even exists. History and Psychology. Hard.

Anyway, not to dwell any longer. Three weeks of school left and then its the summer holidays! I can not wait!

Just waiting for the boyfriend now so we can go buy food to eat and then watch Youth In Revolt (I think that's what we are watching anyway). I wish the weather was nicer. Hopefully tomorrow it will be for my Birthday BBQ!

I've missed blogging, there shall be a lot of making up to do.


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