Wednesday, 23 June 2010

We're not in Kansas anymore!

I had a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz moment earlier today as I was driving back from the antique market with my sister, there was the prettiest field! It was just full of poppies. From a distance the field was red but upon closer inspection (by slamming the breaks on to try to find the field) they were a bit further apart, so not quite as effective, but still very lovely.

Nothing was bought today - I'm saving for Paris now, spent yesterday evening looking at mini cruises along the Seine and looking at the menu for the Moulin Rouge, whilst also working out the budget; not so lovely. Hopefully we'll have enough money to at least eat and pay for the hotel. We're definately going to the Moulin Rouge as my lovely nan is paying for that but the other attractions I need to consult with Kieran over.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

All the trees of the field will clap their hands

Love Sufjan Stevens.

Kieran and I went up to Nesscliffe Hill again tonight, it was a lovely evening!

Off to Manchester tomorrow with my sister to look at the university, then to Ikea to hopefully buy my new bookshelves! I love Ikea.


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Change of Focus

It was Kieran's birthday today! So today's post surrounds him! I bought him a camera - I'm far too generous but he's definately worth it! So today we went to a car boot sale which was very unsuccessful, not to mention frightening. Then we went to Lake Vrynwy, which was much more successful but also scary!


The birds were scary, they kept coming towards me, completely unafraid - it was just eerie.

Kieran had a good time though, and so did I!


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Kissing the Lipless

I feel very spoilt! My birthday is over and I am another year older :(
But, I had the loveliest time, it was great to have my friends over and to just chill out. The great British weather stayed nice for us, so we had a BBQ, then as it got colder we all got blankets!

Anyway, I took some photos of some of my presents - mostly to gloat that I get great presents! I also liked my outfit today so there are a few vanity shots!

My very appropriate gift from my best friend, its got a honeybee, a daisy, a rose and a butterfly! It's basically me on a necklace!

She also got me a cupcake recipe book and heart shaped cupcake molds!

My older sister got me these GORGEOUS tea cups and saucers! I LOVE THEM! They're just adorable. I can't wait to use them but I'm waiting until she gets back from her cruise with our grandmother around Norway!

Kieran got me this book, because we're going to Paris next month. I love the drawings in it!

And this bunch of pink daisies, so pretty! I put them in my vintage Lyle's Golden Syrup jug I got from a huge antique market place in Church Stretton!

Oh! Now vanity shots!


Thursday, 10 June 2010

What A Day!!

Oh me oh my! What a day! It's been both good and bad. Good - it's my BIRTHDAY! and LAST DAY OF EXAMS!!!!! (hence the absentness - revision central = me!) Well, at least until next year.

Bad - exams. ON. MY. BIRTHDAY! TWO!!! two I tell you! How is that fair!? And not even nice exams, well, if that even exists. History and Psychology. Hard.

Anyway, not to dwell any longer. Three weeks of school left and then its the summer holidays! I can not wait!

Just waiting for the boyfriend now so we can go buy food to eat and then watch Youth In Revolt (I think that's what we are watching anyway). I wish the weather was nicer. Hopefully tomorrow it will be for my Birthday BBQ!

I've missed blogging, there shall be a lot of making up to do.