Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Fear. Uber fear. Ever get that feeling where you realise you actually know nothing? I have it.

Making revision cards is fun though, shame I've only just done them today. The exam is tomorrow.

On the plus side I received my amazing purchases the other day! I love
Fred Studio products. I bought these super cute things - not sure when I'll use them but still they are so freaking cute!

None of the pictures are my own, they're off the website, I haven't had time to use my french toast stamper yet.

Now these are on my keys and I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside every time I get to use them!!

These are possibly my favourite! I love them sooo much!!!! Can't wait for my exams to be over, this summer is to be a summer of baking!

Anyway, must get back to the revision cards. Oh the joy(!)


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