Thursday, 29 April 2010


Oh dear. I have been neglecting this! I think it's been about a week since I last wrote on here but alas I am swamped with work for school! Essays galore! I didn't even get to bake my cupcakes! Note to self: get organised!
On the plus side, I have had a very funny evening. I was looking at visa information for moving to America - not going to happen really but a girl can dream! So anyway, it seemed like the only way I can live in America is if I marry an American, so just for kicks I googled "find an american husband" and lo and behold found me the man of my dreams - if by dreams I mean NIGHTMARE! Honestly; it was like something from the Hills Have Eyes!!!!! I swear Charles Manson is on there. Horrifying!
Anyway. Must be off! Work to do! Cheerio!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Only love is all maroon..

It's official. I am obsessed! I love Bon Iver. I want tee-shirts, I have looked at costs of flying to America to see them, I stalk their website! At least they are brilliant!
I am so tired!
Ahhh!!! Sue Sylvester, from Glee was just on Gilmore Girls! Only for a minute but it was great!!
I want some flowers. A nice bouquet of sunflowers with daisies.

Also, I would REALLY like this! Favourite book = perfect tee!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Second post, first day back at school, pointless day really. I only had two lesson, both of which were R.S as my English teacher - who is also my History teacher is stuck in America due to this lovely volcano! Pros - extra time to finish my coursework. Cons - I am not learning!
Same again tomorrow. Oh joy. Although tomorrow I will do more work! I had a not so productive day today...

Glee is back!! I have yesterdays episode recorded so my beloved and I shall indulge in a little gleek fun later. I can't wait! My school choir is SO not like Glee. a) we do rubbish songs and b) we are rubbish!

Might do some baking at some point this week. I shall post pictures of my cakes!

Monday, 19 April 2010


First ever blog, first ever post! Is it odd that I'm nervous!? I suppose it's pretty scary stuff, opening up everything about yourself. I feel inspired though. I have been reading a lot of blogs today - mostly to procrastinate from doing my work and feel like I want to give it a go!
So anyway, introductions are in order I suppose! So this is me:

Excuse the empty wine bottle, my best friend, Kate and I were on our way to Manchester for some quality vintage/sale shopping and thought we'd have a bit of a tipple! Also, I don't always have such a cheesy grin! Ok well... Sometimes.