Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wishlist Wednesday!

As of this week I want to post a wishlist on wednesdays. I don't have work in the evening so ought to be able to find time to compile my list and subsequently the pictures to go with that list!

As is it shortly to be the season to be jolly I have bought my outfit for my first Christmas party - which, as I am on a budget will possibly be the same outfit for another night too! A navy blue dress from New Look, which I am pairing with black tights, chunky wedges and I haven't decided on gold or silver accesories yet!

Any opinions on the gold vs. silver battle would be appreciated! I like that it has sleeves, as I am often a terror for hiding away a perfectly lovely dress with a cardigan, and whilst, I am a lover of cardigans, they can often dull down an outfit.

On a warmer note, I would LOVE a Gloverall duffle coat. I think these coats are the epitome of British winters! They are warm and cosy and look like something you would expect to see a certain teddy bear wearing, whilst holding a marmalade sandwich! So cute!

Aside from wishing today is a SNOW DAY!!!!!! So I am curled up on the sofa with a blanket, in my oversized hoody, hair in a top knot, slobbing around but at least I'm warm!

Now, in all fairness, the sun has come out and melted some of the snow, and I am technically at home because there is no power at school, since the new heater has blown the electricity. But still, there is snow, so technically it's a snow day!

This is the view was my living room window, with my cheeky car!

There was more... It's not that impressive at all really, is it? I feel like I've let you down. Sorry to disappoint!

Thursday, 21 October 2010


I went to Manchester last night (Wednesday) to see Yeasayer. They. Were. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, so cool, I'll admit I had only heard a couple of songs but thought I'd go see there gig just as something to do. Then, me, having a mind like a sieve, forgot I bought the tickets until yesterday though!

So text Ali to see if she fancied coming, as they aren't really Kieran's kind of band, to which she replied yes! So we put on our spontaneity boots and went to Manchester!

Some (rather poor quality) photos taken on my phone:

as you can probably tell from the angle we were at the front but off to the side. But still, it was good! There was some guy getting really into it, stamping his feet to the beat and the band were just great, playing multiple instruments, really talented group. I've been obsessing all day just listening to the "odd blood" album!

Check them out! go to


Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I currently have coco (my kitten) fast asleep on my arm, hence blogging is a bit difficult at this present moment in time but luckily my laptop is in a good position for typing.
I have been bigging myself up rather a lot lately what with writing my personal statement for university and all, its so hard! Hours are spent over every agonizing line, whether it's write, whether it sounds too much or too cocky or too boring or too much like its already been heard! Eurgh!!!!!!!!!!!
So anyway, all that stressing has left me little time for writing here so I am finding a few minutes to try to make up for it!

This winter I am definitely feeling a lumberjack/winter lady/log cabin look. I have a parka but it's really thin and so not particularly warm, I saw one in Wrap catalogue the other day that looked lovely, fleece lined, it was quite expensive so I'm not sure whether it will be feasible but its definitly on the wishlist!
Picture taken from wrap website

I desperately want some chelsea boots too and am on the hunt for the perfect pair, I've seen a pair from New Look that are nice but I don't know if I want a more smooth leather design, I'd need to try them on too, I have a bit of a thing about how shoes look on my feet!

Then I'm thinking cream/burgundy/navy cable knit sweaters, teamed with my recently purchased dark green skinny jeans! (Can't find a picture on the Topshop website to show you) Or same jumpers with a black denim skirt and black opaque tights, or perhaps some camel shorts with tights and cable sweaters!! Or go traditional with a plethora of layers, chunky cardigans, polo necks, you get the idea!

Need to shop...

What are your winter warmers? REMINDS ME! I need new slippers. And shoes. Mine are all falling apart lately.


Friday, 8 October 2010

Check this out!

How nuts is THIS:

The above picture is from when I was about 17 - 18! My best friend and I were really into heavy metal - a phase for me that has since past, I'm much more mellow now, I was a bit of an angry youth. Plus the clothing was really cool, and to be honest, so was the whole scene, everyone kind of knew each other - through myspace, everyone would always end up at the same gigs, watch some bands etc. Now I feel old.
Share some of your blasts from the pasts!


Monday, 4 October 2010


After much persuasion, and I MEAN a lot, I begged and pleaded for months for a kitten, I even tried subliminal messages and whispering "kitten" to my mum in her sleep, I won!

My friends cat had kittens and after another friend had one of them it was decided that I MUST HAVE ONE! And so, after compromising my mum agreed to let me have one!

So on Friday, I went to get my new little baby, andddddd.......

This is her grand reveal!


She is the sweetest thing I have ever seen! 6 weeks and fits in my hand *gushes*

Do you have any pets?


Monday, 27 September 2010

Sick Day

Had a horrendous nights sleep last night - in that no sleep was had! I was so tired too from work this weekend. So frustrating isn't it? When you so desperately want to just curl up and sleep like a log? This then prompted a severe migraine this morning which has died down now to just a plain headache, throbbing whenever I move. Such fun. However, the only bonus is the excessive television watching. I've already watched Disney's Hercules, and am currently watching Funny Face, I've seen some of it before but never from the beginning, it makes me long to go back to Paris and dress all ladylike in Givenchy gowns. I want to get married where they try to take the photo of the wedding dress. I have no idea its exact location but it's beautiful.

(image from Google)

I also want the hazy lens on all my photos. I want every dress I've seen so far!

Wishlist time! Saw this bag in store the other day at Topshop.

I love it!

S'Wonderful... S'Marvellous!!!


Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I definately need to go to Sweden. My sister is pretty cool. She's in Spain at the minute living the dream but her post is still being delievered here for the time being, she got delievered a magazine recently for Monki clothing, I think its a Swedish brand but flipping through it's graphic designer lust worthy paper over my bowl of nesquik (yes, I opened her post - sorry Alex!) I fell in love. Literally! LOVE! And the issue itself is called "the first love issue". I want the entire contents of the shop, especially these:

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL! I also love the names of all the items, these are called Maritza. I love bows and velvet and the chunky heels would enable me to walk!
Note: photo taken from Monki

Therefore I need to go to Sweden!
On an easier access note I love this hat from Topshop and am about to buy it for winter!

Bargain at £14 too!

Looking forward to winter fashion!


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Something wicked this way comes...

And by wicked, I mean AMAZING!!

But first:

I have seriously been so busy lately, started back at college on Tuesday, then there was all the holiday reading I neeeeeeded to finish - still not done entirely but getting there. As you may know my charger broke so my lovely boyfriend had to ebay me a new one (thank you!!) which means I only just have my laptop back, but have been prioritising applying to university over blogging. Anyway, I'm back - not as regularly as I would like to be but I am back!

To kick start this blog and with my apologies and excuses out of the way, and winter heading this way, (that was what I meant by amazing) I am in love with coats! All of them! Apart from capes, as they do absolutely nothing for my shape except make me look as though you could roll me down a hill...

These two are on my current must have list:

I simply adore the one on the left, Topshop have outdone themselves on this one in my opinion, it is perfect! So cute, it reminds me of the coats I had when I was little. The velvet blue trim makes it a bit more grown up but its shape looks flattering, I love the hood - I'm all about hoods in England, the chance of precipitation in any form is far too great a risk to take, and at just £75 not bad! However, one coat I would risk no hood for is the fur collar bomber on the right, this Miss Selfridge number is stylish and whilst I love love loveeee the aviator style that is coming in this a/w I feel as though the fur might be a nice slight twist on the conventional shearling design that will be more common. Plus, I have already featured this coat in a previous wishlist, thought it needed some more love.

Anyway, I am so tired I must sleep! I promise to write again soon.


P.S I am currently on the hunt for the perfect winter hat. Anyone with any good ideas on where to find "the one" let me know!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Excuse my absence!

I am having some technical difficulties! My charger broke and my laptop is dead, therefore I am blogging from my IPod touch. A beautiful thing if not slightly awkward. Anyway I will be back blogging properly as soon as my new charger arrives.


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

In the future

When I have a house of my own I want two dogs, I have two dogs here at this home where I live with my mum, but they are big and whilst yes, they are lovely, they are also too big for my future home, as I imagine I won't exactly be blessed with a large house until I am much older. I would absolutely love, LOVE, a maltese puppy, I have wanted one forever, since visiting my nan and grandad on their annual trip to Florida, the owners of the hotel in which they stayed had two and they were absolutely lovely. They used to sit and I'd play with them, they were loyal, gentle and best of all, didn't shed!

However, recently I have spotted the dog whose affections rival that of the maltese, therefore I cannot choose between the two, so shall have to have both. "What is the other bred?" I hear you cry? A pomeranian!

I found these pictures on Shutterstock to illustrate the immense cuteness of these two doggies!

Cue girly squeal? EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Positively delightful.

I am up too late. As usual I suppose - I think last night's insomnia really messed my body clock up.
What pet would you have, if you could have any in the world? I'd also love a Newfoundland or a St. Bernard as they are absolutely huge, reportedly the most loyal and friendly dogs and they just look like, if you'd had a bad day at work, or something was stressing you out, you could give these lovable pups a cuddle and everything would be forgotten. The only problem? Major droolage. MAJOR. That and the excessive amounts of hair that would be shed everywhere.

Right, I am off to dream about living in a lovely house with adorable puppies! Goodnight.

So sweet!

I just had to have them!

These earrings are from Adrianne Vintage Jewellery, there is a lot of really sweet items on there and delievery is pretty cheap (to UK anyway - not certain about other destinations)

At only £6, a bargain I'd say!

Haven't had a particularly productive day, read some more of Wuthering Heights, which is getting really good now, also worked this evening (I'm a barmaid), which was fine, fairly dull to start them BAM everyone came in at once, but it died off as the night wore on and in the end we actually finished early! But the bonus, I now am off work for a week! I usually only work one evening and weekends, but this weekend I am going to V Festival! Which is going to be so much fun! I love festivals, I love camping, with friends, music, warm clothing in the evenings, and of course a little tipple, where can a person go wrong!? The line up is pretty darn good too!

Got a few bits and bobs to buy for it tomorrow - kirby grips etc, then make sure all my clothes that I want to take are washed and dry, then pack, as I won't have much time to do that on Thursday as it is my results day! (Along with many other poor souls who did AS/A2 level exams earlier this year - I feel your pain)


Monday, 16 August 2010


I am so sleepy! Yet I cannot.
So, I shall post my current wishlist, I still want a few things off the previous, however I am ecstatic to say I am now the proud owner of the fur coat from River Island, even though I do have to take it back as I have decided I want it in the next size down, but I still own it! And cannot wait to wear it.

This is my new wishlist, all items are from Miss Selfridge however the aviator jacket, which is my most lusted after piece, I LOVE the wide collar, is not currently avaliable, it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!

As previously mentioned, I am now the owner of the fur coat from my previous wishlist, which means, I went shopping! Happy times.... *daydreams*
Anyway. I also bought two lipsticks, I didn't get MAC Chili lipstick, as I spotted Diva, which I just fell in love with! The other lipstick is from Topshop's newish make up collection, in Desert, which is a nude colour, however seems to have disappeared from the website!?
But possibly a future staple in my autumn wardrobe is a dress from Flashback Boutique, it also isn't on their website but it's lovely! Tan with a floral print, I plan to wear with knitted tights and my brown heeled brogues and of course; the fur coat! Flashback Boutique was really sweet though, if you end up in Liverpool, check it out! The lady who worked there was absolutely lovely when I went in, I tried on another dress that I didn't end up buying - the cut was a bit low around the clevage and if I'm honest, I couldn't really afford it, but she found another dress for me in a similar style that didn't have such a low neckline. Thank you nice sales assistant!

Right, off to try to sleep again. xx

If you could have invented one thing, what would it have been?

I would have like to have invented the telephone! But I would have loved to discover electricity more.

Ask me anything

I long for this car!

Photo credited

I saw so many of these when Kieran and I were in Paris, and whilst I loved them then, my obsession has since grown infinitely! I'm becoming obsessed, they are so dinky and cute. Now, don't get me wrong, the new ones are gorgeous too, but I have a bit of a penchant for old cars anyway, my dream car is a Triumph Herald, in cream with red leather interior and a hard top roof that I can take off when the weather is hot, wrap my hair into a scarf and drive along the country roads to the coast! Ooh laa laa! Daydream-land. What's your dream car?

Currently reading Wuthering Heights and I like it! Last year we did Pride and Prejudice which I didn't enjoy at all, Mr. Collins was far too pompous and Wickham too wretched, however, although Heathcliff is a horrendous man there is a darkness (duh, it's a Gothic novel) that I love. Anyone else read it? Like it?

Anyway, going to go make myself a wrap before continuing my reading. Yum yum!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


GLORIOUS BOOKS! Paperback, bounded and lengthy! Books, Glorious Books, my order arrived I have plenty! (Obviously to sang to the tune of Food, Glorious Food)

Haha! It's perhaps slightly ridiculous how excited I get when I receive a parcel! But my amazon order arrived with my books for school and some for my extended reading. However, slightly manic as now I have 7 books to read by 7th September with it being the 10th August today that means I need to read each book in no more than 4 days to have completed them, which actually, now that I've worked that out doesn't seem too bad. The books aren't tremendously long either, however some are difficult.

Book List:
Wuthering Heights
(Those are all my compulsory books, we're doing the gothic genre! Below are my wider reading books)
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn (counted as one as they are in the same book!)

So yes, those are my books! However! I could do with reading a few more books, but I need a theme. I want to read To Kill A Mockingbird again too, love that story! Possibly my favourite book ever, followed by Catcher in the Rye.

Told you I'd speak soon!! Just sooner than I thought!


I'm so lack lustre today. Watched 10 Things I Hate About You before, such a great film. And A Star Is Born, with Judy Garland, because I wanted to see this one song, but I must have missed it! Disappointment, it was a very sad film anyway.
So, just had a shower, and am going to hop on my bicycle in a short while and pop to the shop to get some little snacks as I am going to see, with Kieran, RICKY GERVAIS! Oh yes! I am prepared to laugh. I need to! I had a rather stressful day yesterday. A family member who I hadn't seen since I was very young came to visit my sister and me, and well, it wasn't particularly great, I don't know what I expected really but it was just like meeting a stranger who to me, still feels like a stranger. Oh well!
But anyway, back to the happy stuff! Ricky Gervais! Tonight, playing in Birmingham, it's his science show. I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully the roads will be fairly quiet too as part of the road near my house is closed tonight.
Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Bring on winter!

We have had a particularly horrific summer here, the weather has NOT been the Indian Summer we were promised, so I have officially given up on floaty dresses and shorts with cute sandals, and have moved on, to Glorious Winter!

And so, THIS is my Winter Wishlist! I am so excited to invest!

Faux fur coat: River Island
Bow Bag: Topshop
Red Shorts, Red Shoes, Bird Print playsuit and umbrella: Miss Selfridge
MAC lipstick in Chilli
Black skinny jeans: ASOS

I am going to get a few of these purchases hopefully on Thursday on my shopping trip with Kate.


Friday, 30 July 2010


I really really want to paint my room! I only have a couple of problems; what colour? But, more importantly, can I afford it?
I am completely torn between a regency style green, or a country style yellow?
A bit of background; all my bedroom furniture is cream/ivory. I have a metal frame bed with bed knobs - also cream, I have a multitude of pictures that need to be put up but I'm waiting until I've painted. Lots of books and shelves, I just don't know what colour to paint!!!! Oooh or lilac!
I like these ideas (images found on google) <<
Can you see why I'm so torn!? They are all beautiful! Each would fit perfectly for different moods, the green for when I feel intellectual and want to read a book and escape to another world, the yellow would be lovely fo when I feel warm and perfectly English with tea and crumpets in bed with my love. But then the lilac is just pretty and calming, and also neutral - I still live at home with my mum, sisters and step father, so when I move out it would be easier for me to at least leave a room which would be easy to paint over, but as I have one more year at college then a further three at university in which I will still live at home in the holidays or when I want to come back. Oh the decision is just too hard!

My older sister is making scones tomorrow! I'm quite excited! Although I can't help, as I'll be working. Slightly annoying but I need the money! Especially as my tickets for V Festival have arrived! WOOHOO! It's going to be great! Provided the weather gets better. Going shopping next week for some new festival clothes!

What do you think about the painting?


Monday, 19 July 2010


Oh Paris was absolutely wonderful! My mind has forgotten about all the pain my feet went through and is now just left with happy memories.
Kieran and I did practically everything we wanted to. The things we missed - the Pere-Lachaise cemetary and a boat trip down the Seine, they give us an excuse to go back! The show at the Moulin Rouge was great, lots of boobies but still fantastic, the dancers were so energetic it amazes me!
We got back on Friday night, very late. I wanted to blog about it sooner but have been so tired then back to work.



We stumbled upon the cafe from "Amelie" in Montmartre by complete accident, it wasn't until after I'd eaten my "Croque Monsieur" that Kieran noticed lots of people taking photos of the cafe from outside that we realised! I noticed the Amelie theme to the cafe but it just didn't click!
I can't wait until our next adventure, but next time - comfier shoes! If we do another city trip I might invest in fitflops or the trainer version, if I'm going to be walking around lots again, I might as well improve my bum!
Must sleep now. Goodnight xx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

One day!

Only one day to go until I finish school for the summer! Only 4 sleeps until PARIS! I am SO excited! The Moulin Rouge and croissants and Montmartre and it'll be wonderful! So romantic too! I really cannot wait, I've already decided I want to look classy and sophisticated, just need to go through my clothes and see if anything fits the criteria! Our hotel is so sweet too, the Hotel D'Argenson, it's right next to a "boulangerie"! Fresh pastries and that lovely smell of fresh bread, I wish it was now! Although I have so much to do.

I got a bike on Monday, it's so sweet and what's better is, it was free! It belonged to Kieran's mum, I have yet to take a photo but that shall follow once the rain dies down a little. I washed it yesterday. Now, it needs new tyres, but that's fine, I've already done my research and found some adorable ones, with white walls for £20-ish, which is fine, my neighbour is a bicycle enthusiast and I have already asked if he will help me in fixing it up, to which he agreed. I'd love to paint it, or have it painted (I'm not sure I'd be the best person to give a can of spray paint to) but that can wait until I have sufficient funds. It's an "Apollo County" and very retro looking, and I love it!

What else is new. Oh yes! Last day of the school year tomorrow! The day itself will be extremely dull as it's "Speech Day" and apparently, the new headmaster's speech is very long. But I will go, I suppose... No, I really will! I have to, not only is it compulsory but I want to sit for about 10 hours or however long it lasts as it's the last day ever for the girls going to uni and I want to say my goodbyes. I've written in leaving books, but those things don't give hugs!

On the subject of uni, it's beginning to terrify me! Where do I go!? Will I get in? What if I fail? What if I get rejected from everywhere? What if I can't do it? So stressful. I've settled on the course that I want to do, but I have to decide where I want to go to do it. Hopefully I'll get in, and be able to afford the time overseas during the course, otherwise I'd have to stay in England, and I really really would love the life experience!

I think this is my first post in which I've written a lot, however I am tired and the screen is making my eyes a bit funny.


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

We're not in Kansas anymore!

I had a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz moment earlier today as I was driving back from the antique market with my sister, there was the prettiest field! It was just full of poppies. From a distance the field was red but upon closer inspection (by slamming the breaks on to try to find the field) they were a bit further apart, so not quite as effective, but still very lovely.

Nothing was bought today - I'm saving for Paris now, spent yesterday evening looking at mini cruises along the Seine and looking at the menu for the Moulin Rouge, whilst also working out the budget; not so lovely. Hopefully we'll have enough money to at least eat and pay for the hotel. We're definately going to the Moulin Rouge as my lovely nan is paying for that but the other attractions I need to consult with Kieran over.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

All the trees of the field will clap their hands

Love Sufjan Stevens.

Kieran and I went up to Nesscliffe Hill again tonight, it was a lovely evening!

Off to Manchester tomorrow with my sister to look at the university, then to Ikea to hopefully buy my new bookshelves! I love Ikea.


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Change of Focus

It was Kieran's birthday today! So today's post surrounds him! I bought him a camera - I'm far too generous but he's definately worth it! So today we went to a car boot sale which was very unsuccessful, not to mention frightening. Then we went to Lake Vrynwy, which was much more successful but also scary!


The birds were scary, they kept coming towards me, completely unafraid - it was just eerie.

Kieran had a good time though, and so did I!


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Kissing the Lipless

I feel very spoilt! My birthday is over and I am another year older :(
But, I had the loveliest time, it was great to have my friends over and to just chill out. The great British weather stayed nice for us, so we had a BBQ, then as it got colder we all got blankets!

Anyway, I took some photos of some of my presents - mostly to gloat that I get great presents! I also liked my outfit today so there are a few vanity shots!

My very appropriate gift from my best friend, its got a honeybee, a daisy, a rose and a butterfly! It's basically me on a necklace!

She also got me a cupcake recipe book and heart shaped cupcake molds!

My older sister got me these GORGEOUS tea cups and saucers! I LOVE THEM! They're just adorable. I can't wait to use them but I'm waiting until she gets back from her cruise with our grandmother around Norway!

Kieran got me this book, because we're going to Paris next month. I love the drawings in it!

And this bunch of pink daisies, so pretty! I put them in my vintage Lyle's Golden Syrup jug I got from a huge antique market place in Church Stretton!

Oh! Now vanity shots!


Thursday, 10 June 2010

What A Day!!

Oh me oh my! What a day! It's been both good and bad. Good - it's my BIRTHDAY! and LAST DAY OF EXAMS!!!!! (hence the absentness - revision central = me!) Well, at least until next year.

Bad - exams. ON. MY. BIRTHDAY! TWO!!! two I tell you! How is that fair!? And not even nice exams, well, if that even exists. History and Psychology. Hard.

Anyway, not to dwell any longer. Three weeks of school left and then its the summer holidays! I can not wait!

Just waiting for the boyfriend now so we can go buy food to eat and then watch Youth In Revolt (I think that's what we are watching anyway). I wish the weather was nicer. Hopefully tomorrow it will be for my Birthday BBQ!

I've missed blogging, there shall be a lot of making up to do.


Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Fear. Uber fear. Ever get that feeling where you realise you actually know nothing? I have it.

Making revision cards is fun though, shame I've only just done them today. The exam is tomorrow.

On the plus side I received my amazing purchases the other day! I love
Fred Studio products. I bought these super cute things - not sure when I'll use them but still they are so freaking cute!

None of the pictures are my own, they're off the website, I haven't had time to use my french toast stamper yet.

Now these are on my keys and I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside every time I get to use them!!

These are possibly my favourite! I love them sooo much!!!! Can't wait for my exams to be over, this summer is to be a summer of baking!

Anyway, must get back to the revision cards. Oh the joy(!)


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Nescliffe Hill Part 1

Kieran and I took a lovely trip to Nescliffe Hill today, very pretty. Took a few photos too!


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

let ME eat cake!

In particular: this one!

I love it! Three of my favourite things. 1) Cake! 2) Bees and 3) Daisies!
From EpiCute

Oh, and my boyfriend, better make that 4 favourite things.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Oh dear. I have been neglecting this! I think it's been about a week since I last wrote on here but alas I am swamped with work for school! Essays galore! I didn't even get to bake my cupcakes! Note to self: get organised!
On the plus side, I have had a very funny evening. I was looking at visa information for moving to America - not going to happen really but a girl can dream! So anyway, it seemed like the only way I can live in America is if I marry an American, so just for kicks I googled "find an american husband" and lo and behold found me the man of my dreams - if by dreams I mean NIGHTMARE! Honestly; it was like something from the Hills Have Eyes!!!!! I swear Charles Manson is on there. Horrifying!
Anyway. Must be off! Work to do! Cheerio!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Only love is all maroon..

It's official. I am obsessed! I love Bon Iver. I want tee-shirts, I have looked at costs of flying to America to see them, I stalk their website! At least they are brilliant!
I am so tired!
Ahhh!!! Sue Sylvester, from Glee was just on Gilmore Girls! Only for a minute but it was great!!
I want some flowers. A nice bouquet of sunflowers with daisies.

Also, I would REALLY like this! Favourite book = perfect tee!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Second post, first day back at school, pointless day really. I only had two lesson, both of which were R.S as my English teacher - who is also my History teacher is stuck in America due to this lovely volcano! Pros - extra time to finish my coursework. Cons - I am not learning!
Same again tomorrow. Oh joy. Although tomorrow I will do more work! I had a not so productive day today...

Glee is back!! I have yesterdays episode recorded so my beloved and I shall indulge in a little gleek fun later. I can't wait! My school choir is SO not like Glee. a) we do rubbish songs and b) we are rubbish!

Might do some baking at some point this week. I shall post pictures of my cakes!

Monday, 19 April 2010


First ever blog, first ever post! Is it odd that I'm nervous!? I suppose it's pretty scary stuff, opening up everything about yourself. I feel inspired though. I have been reading a lot of blogs today - mostly to procrastinate from doing my work and feel like I want to give it a go!
So anyway, introductions are in order I suppose! So this is me:

Excuse the empty wine bottle, my best friend, Kate and I were on our way to Manchester for some quality vintage/sale shopping and thought we'd have a bit of a tipple! Also, I don't always have such a cheesy grin! Ok well... Sometimes.