Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Well, well, well

Hasn't it been such a long time! I'm afraid life got in the way of my blogging, not that anything I posted was ever particularly interesting anyway!

So, let's catch up.

My last post of substance was something to do with exams but I am pleased to announce: I finished college - finally! My fourth attempt in total, second successful attempt - with the first being when I acquired my hairdressing qualification, this time I got my A-Levels. And, not to blow my own horn or anything, but I did pretty damn well. Considering my sisters have always been the "intelligent ones", whilst I was merely "easy-going", not a bad trait, it just always made me seem a bit, I don't know, too much of a daydreamer. It was like my family didn't really think I had much going on, which was fine, at the time I didn't (such a serial drop-out, but I had my own reasons). My goodness, it felt good to prove them wrong, especially my nan, who I love regardless, but she never thought I'd pass my exams, she certainly didn't think I'd get into my first choice university. That being said, neither did my teacher! My English literature AND history teacher was one and the same person, who also happened to be my neighbour, there was no getting away from him! But I remember so vividly in lesson one day him asking whether I thought I'd realistically get the grades to get into the University of Manchester, and I told him I would. I was adamant. Just goes to show really, determination really does get you where you want to be, and oh boy, was I determined. However, I hate to say, since getting the ABB grades I needed to get into UoM, that determination has slipped somewhat, and I'm nowhere near as hardworking as I ought to be! That was first year - which I finished, no dropping out this time! Not with the amount of debt I'll be left in! It's certainly an incentive! In less than a month I move into my 2nd year accommodation.

Ahhhh, the accommodation. Jeez, where to start!? Let's start with the fact that I am living in a house with 6 other people, FOUR of them being boys. Smelly boys. What have I let myself in for?! But there are 2 girls, both of whom are absolutely lovely, and the house is nice too. It's modern and clean looking, with an American fridge freezer - you know the sort, with 2 doors and an ice machine on the freezer side? Yep, that was a huge selling point! I'm so excited to move in, despite the amount of washing up there will be, and so much FIFA... (just the thought is making my cry on the inside). But to have my own space again will be cool.

Another great thing about getting back to Manchester is that one of my best friends just moved there! She got a job at the university too, to we can do lunch and all other girly things! It'll be extra nice because in her arrival, she brings a little of home with her, it's like having my home-town, without having to be there.

What else... well, I think that's enough 'me me me' for tonight, I don't want to divulge all my secrets at once now do I?

Oh! I am OBSESSED with Pinterest! Anyone on it, let me know so I can follow your boards, such a good place to store all my future home ideas/clothes I want/pictures that I like/recipes/general inspiration, it's like a grown up tumblr for those who don't have it. It's great!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hello, my name is Melissa

And I'm a serial procrastinator.

I'm in the lead up to some of the most important exams ever, these are the exams that will determine whether or not I get into uni, and yet, I am constantly putting off revision. I just can't bare to look at my books or notes.

I think there really should be some kind of support group.

Monday, 28 March 2011

I can't wait for my own house.

I'm desperate to decorate my bedroom but as I am going to university in September there really is no point. So, for the meantime I am planning my entire future house!

I have only one necessity. I want my own library, with a ladder, wood panelling and my father's desk in the middle of the room, with an ox-blood red captain's chair and an old fireplace. It will be my own personal haven, with a vintage looking music player - not that I've seen one yet. And I'd love a vintage drinks table, with everything in decanters and the proper glasses for each drink *sighs dreamily*. But yes, I would love my own private 'den'. Although, whilst I most certainly want a library, I may change my mind as to how it is decorated yet...

Here are some pictures I've found for the rest of my humble, yet fictional, abode! They're all taken from housetohome.co.uk (unless stated otherwise) which has AMAZING decorating ideas, seriously, I love all the traditional and country styles, I'm not so keen on the modern styles but that's a matter of personal taste, and possibly the country girl inside me!

As I mentioned previously, the European style apartment really appeals to me, they're small, they are interesting shapes and they just look nice! Where I will live will change the entire decor inside. If I am to live in a lovely apartment then the following are just perfect for me:

For my study

I love this living room. The sofa is lovely, it looks cosy and lived in., homely, I hate it when houses are just so pristine and immaculate you're scared just to drop your bags and slump down into the sofa. I absolutely love the idea of having the fireplace just full up of logs - although, the amount of spiders that could lurk in there is slightly alarming. This is my type of room.

I really like the colours used here. Firstly, it's not blue or green, or any other overly used bathroom colour scheme! It's purple, it's pretty, it makes me think of lavender and total relaxation and I love that. At least, until I saw this:

How beautiful is this bathroom? So luxurious! I adore it.

This hall is lovely, although for mine, I'd like to swap the chair for a little armchair and I'd like a nice table for my telephone, in fact... this might be just a tad too girly...

A combination of these would be nice, I like the colours of both, the wall art in the one on the left I think adds some intrigue. Again, I'd swap the chair still, for a small armchair or a little sofa, and I'd like either old rustic wooden flooring in a nice dark wood, or a thick, shag-cut carpet. Also, must have a princess phone!

So, that's hallway, bathroom, living room and my library/office done. I couldn't possibly decide on my bedroom, as I have no idea. I think I'd like a huge dark wood sleigh bed, but do I? And then as for the colour scheme, I can't decide for my own room here, let alone for my own house! Far too difficult.

If I don't have an apartment, but rather have a house, I'd like it to be old, a cottage or a cabin type place, something rustic, where the floor is slightly uneven, the stairs are a little creaky, but there is character in abundance. I want there to be little nooks here and there for random pieces of interesting items of whatever I happen to put there. Old stable doors leading into the kitchen where I will have an AGA stove (LOVE), the cupboards will be true English country house, I would love red tiles, like I had in my old house, on the walls, a little round table and chairs that is tucked into the corner, a smeg fridge but in a pretty conventional colour. I want tiled floors, but underfloor heating is a MUST. We don't have that in my house now and I'm forever having to hop around the kitchen as it's too cold on my feet! The library will be how I first described it, the hallway will be more like this:

And I'll have a set of deer antlers mounted somewhere (humanely gotten ones, I'm not into hunting). I'd love my living room to be grand, warm and welcoming, with photos of my family and friends, and a big fireplace, a big bay window with a little seat in it, giant sofas and an oversized armchair, in a rich colour, with brown faux fur throws over them.

But, for a long, long time, I will more than likely have neither! It's nice to plan though. What about you? Have you decided how your dream house will be? What about location? That's one I need to re-evaluate too.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I am terrible!

I swore I was going to write more! I haven't. I don't want to make excuses but, the dog ate my homework, the printer broke, my sister must have picked it up, etc. Basically I just didn't have time, Christmas was quite manic what with presents and my sister coming home, work and revision, I will make up for it this year, that is my new year's resolution. Speaking of which. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the holidays whatever they celebrated!

Well, I am basically SO behind the times but recently I have gotten into Mad Men! I started watching from season 3 but I just love the clothes, in particular the bags! It is all amazing! So ladylike. I love Joan the best, she is the epitome of what a woman should be, seductive, curvy but headstrong and sensible, she seems independent and knows what's what. I like it! I am however, pretty sad that she isn't with Roger, well, not at least for now - don't spoil the end for me! Betty annoys me, her sense of style is great, don't get me wrong, I love her neutral palette, she is stylish. However, she seems too preoccupied with how she looks rather than looking after her children! She's in denial, she jumped from Don far too quickly and I don't know, I haven't seen enough of her to get to like her. I think Peggy is wonderful! She seems like what we would now call geek chic. I love her determination and her ambition, but she remains a feminine woman, fighting her way in a man's world. (I know it's only a show but to me, it's real!!!! Haha!)

So, this post is my new year dedication to the fabulous clothes from Mad Men, and the lady like clothing I have seen lately and am desperate for!

First up, the glamourous Joan:

Typewriter necklace from loveheartsandcrosses they have loads of really cute jewellery! But I think this really embraces the secretary of the 50s theme!

New range from Vivienne Westwood for Melissa, available from ASOS.

To introduce Betty:

A very "Betty" style dress from New Look

There are also many great items from Beyond Retro, too many to decide which is blog worthy, it all is!

And finally, super cute Peggy:


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wishlist Wednesday!

As of this week I want to post a wishlist on wednesdays. I don't have work in the evening so ought to be able to find time to compile my list and subsequently the pictures to go with that list!

As is it shortly to be the season to be jolly I have bought my outfit for my first Christmas party - which, as I am on a budget will possibly be the same outfit for another night too! A navy blue dress from New Look, which I am pairing with black tights, chunky wedges and I haven't decided on gold or silver accesories yet!

Any opinions on the gold vs. silver battle would be appreciated! I like that it has sleeves, as I am often a terror for hiding away a perfectly lovely dress with a cardigan, and whilst, I am a lover of cardigans, they can often dull down an outfit.

On a warmer note, I would LOVE a Gloverall duffle coat. I think these coats are the epitome of British winters! They are warm and cosy and look like something you would expect to see a certain teddy bear wearing, whilst holding a marmalade sandwich! So cute!

Aside from wishing today is a SNOW DAY!!!!!! So I am curled up on the sofa with a blanket, in my oversized hoody, hair in a top knot, slobbing around but at least I'm warm!

Now, in all fairness, the sun has come out and melted some of the snow, and I am technically at home because there is no power at school, since the new heater has blown the electricity. But still, there is snow, so technically it's a snow day!

This is the view was my living room window, with my cheeky car!

There was more... It's not that impressive at all really, is it? I feel like I've let you down. Sorry to disappoint!

Thursday, 21 October 2010


I went to Manchester last night (Wednesday) to see Yeasayer. They. Were. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, so cool, I'll admit I had only heard a couple of songs but thought I'd go see there gig just as something to do. Then, me, having a mind like a sieve, forgot I bought the tickets until yesterday though!

So text Ali to see if she fancied coming, as they aren't really Kieran's kind of band, to which she replied yes! So we put on our spontaneity boots and went to Manchester!

Some (rather poor quality) photos taken on my phone:

as you can probably tell from the angle we were at the front but off to the side. But still, it was good! There was some guy getting really into it, stamping his feet to the beat and the band were just great, playing multiple instruments, really talented group. I've been obsessing all day just listening to the "odd blood" album!

Check them out! go to http://www.yeasayer.net/


Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I currently have coco (my kitten) fast asleep on my arm, hence blogging is a bit difficult at this present moment in time but luckily my laptop is in a good position for typing.
I have been bigging myself up rather a lot lately what with writing my personal statement for university and all, its so hard! Hours are spent over every agonizing line, whether it's write, whether it sounds too much or too cocky or too boring or too much like its already been heard! Eurgh!!!!!!!!!!!
So anyway, all that stressing has left me little time for writing here so I am finding a few minutes to try to make up for it!

This winter I am definitely feeling a lumberjack/winter lady/log cabin look. I have a parka but it's really thin and so not particularly warm, I saw one in Wrap catalogue the other day that looked lovely, fleece lined, it was quite expensive so I'm not sure whether it will be feasible but its definitly on the wishlist!
Picture taken from wrap website

I desperately want some chelsea boots too and am on the hunt for the perfect pair, I've seen a pair from New Look that are nice but I don't know if I want a more smooth leather design, I'd need to try them on too, I have a bit of a thing about how shoes look on my feet!

Then I'm thinking cream/burgundy/navy cable knit sweaters, teamed with my recently purchased dark green skinny jeans! (Can't find a picture on the Topshop website to show you) Or same jumpers with a black denim skirt and black opaque tights, or perhaps some camel shorts with tights and cable sweaters!! Or go traditional with a plethora of layers, chunky cardigans, polo necks, you get the idea!

Need to shop...

What are your winter warmers? REMINDS ME! I need new slippers. And shoes. Mine are all falling apart lately.